WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle is a low-power, small form factor device that can be implemented within offices for connecting their IP phones to available wireless networks. Supported by a powerful transmission rate of 150 Mbps, this dynamic plug-and-play style USB device is able to quickly and reliably establish Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can optimally communicate, collaborate, access pertinent documents and resources and more.

WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle
WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle
WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

WF20 USB Wi-Fi Dongle

- Compatible with Fanvil X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/X210i (Only support 2.4GHz/150Mbps)
- For X5S/X6/X210/X210i, upgrade to the version of V1.10.10 or higher
- For X7/X7C, upgrade to the version of V1.0.10 or higher
- WF20 is compliant with the IEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11b/g, and 802.11ac standards, maximizing reliability and throughput.
- Ease-of-use
- High Transmission Rate
- Plug and Play
- Lower Power Consumption

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